Xploree To Participate In AdTech

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016

Xploree is back at AdTech, New Delhi – the largest digital marketing event of the year scheduled for 3rdand 4th March 2016.

About Ad:tech New Delhi 2016:

Ad: tech is a global digital marketing conference and exhibition where marketing, technology and media punters converge to forge partnerships and share ideas, strategies, insights and solutions on technology and marketing trends.

Xploree: Mobile keyboard as gateway to content discovery

A notable feature at AdTech is an exchange of ideas by marketers, technology and media communities to come up with solutions that address industry challenges. One of the problems plaguing marketers is consumer dissonance with the irrelevant and untargeted marketing of brands, services and products.

Xploree is an award-winning contextual discovery platform that enables consumers to reach out to content, services in 1-hop from any app with a high degree of intent match. It is industry’s first user-initiated, multilingual keyboard technology that understands user intent with every use and displays relevant deals, discounts and offers from brands in the mobile moment. Xploree offers cross- app reach to users who can view the discoveries without exiting the conversation app. It presents an immense opportunity for consumers & brand marketers to engage with each other non-intrusively especially during chat ‘idle time’ or  the “mobile interlude”.

What is ‘Mobile Interlude’?

Mobile interlude is the short waiting time during a chat conversation when one person waits for the other to respond. During this brief moment, Xploree presents a window of opportunity for brands/services/content providers to connect with the users in their mobile moments. Xploree, has partnered with various brands such as Flipkart, Groupon, Snapdeal, Grabon, Yahoo etc. to deliver true discovery experience to mobile consumers. It is also pre-embedded as the keyboard on leading mobile devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as Panasonic, Coolpad to name a few.

Discover New

We will show a preview of the technology that powers this next generation mobile marketing solution whilst sharing testimonials from our brand partners. For instance, you will know how we helped brands cross engagement rates as high as 28% for certain categories. You will hear how numerous brands and marketers have found the apt solution to relevant, targeted and contextual mobile marketing that has helped achieve revenue targets.

Got a problem. We have the solution. Pre-book a meeting slot with us at Adtech or alternatively drop by Booth No43 C at the event. Be prepared to discover the unexpected.



Keyboard as the next disruption in Discovery on Mobile

Users are constantly interfacing with their mobile devices to share, socialize, consume and create content, avail services etc. Facebook and Whatsapp stand out as as the most popular apps based on user base. But the two other engagement touchpoints that see a high engagement –are Call and Keyboard. However, from the mechanical clicks to soft touch and touchscreens, the most widely used input device has not seen outstanding changes in the last few decades. Not many existing keyboards are recognizing its importance as an effective platform to build innovative consumer experiences.

In the world of keyboards, users have a lot of choices. But the ones that will see more user love in the coming months and years will be the ones that have the capability to bring simplicity to content and service discoveries. Predictive and intent-based targeting mechanism to deliver relevant information to consumers on their mobile devices at that single point of intent is the game-changing disruption that is not present in most of existing keyboards available on Android or iOS.

Keyboards are doing all kind of key things like autocorrect, themes, word prediction, multiple languages and emojis but there is hardly any competition when it comes to going beyond the expected and giving mobile users content and services discoveries that delight them in their exact moment of need.

Xploree is focused on empowering the consumers to decide when they want to interact with a discovery. The entire discovery experience is user-initiated that’s based on the principle of respecting user preferences on mobile. Of all the predictions on mobile user experience and engagement, Xploree stands out as an innovative and intelligent keyboard.

Xploree’s strong point is also that it allows the user to be in control, granting a more enjoyable and a satisfactory consumer experience through nonintrusive, non-interruptive, relevant content recommendations.

Noticeable amongst the partnerships is Xploree’s search tie up with Yahoo. The partnership offers users search and browsing of information in one tap across apps without exiting the conversation application. With 15% of app interactions on mobile devices being with a clear intent to search per Xploree’s user study, the integration has the potential to enable hyper-contextual search across apps on mobile to enhance the overall app experience.

Xploree Benefits to Mobile Users:

  • Experience useful search and discovery without exiting the app, and remain in control of the recommendations.
  • Non-intrusive, non-interruptive, user-initiated interactions.
  • Xploree delivers a seamless user-experience across apps including mobile search, mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile commerce, and mobile app stores.
  • Strict privacy controls, opt-in, opt-out features, quick opt-outs (such as incognito mode on browsers).
  • Multi-lingual keyboard supporting vernacular languages such as Hindi, Telugu and transliterated languages such as Hinglish

Xploree Keyboard brings in simplicity and insight to delight the users in their mobile moments whether the intent is to find a pizza place in the next minute or book air tickets for this weekend.

Xploree users are enjoying streamlined experiences of finding relevant content or services without leaving the task they are engaged in.
Try it out here: bit.ly/Xploree , and let us know what you think.

The article was originally published http://jatinisrani.blogspot.in/2015/11/xploree-next-generation-intelligence.html