Xploree To Participate In AdTech

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016

Xploree is back at AdTech, New Delhi – the largest digital marketing event of the year scheduled for 3rdand 4th March 2016.

About Ad:tech New Delhi 2016:

Ad: tech is a global digital marketing conference and exhibition where marketing, technology and media punters converge to forge partnerships and share ideas, strategies, insights and solutions on technology and marketing trends.

Xploree: Mobile keyboard as gateway to content discovery

A notable feature at AdTech is an exchange of ideas by marketers, technology and media communities to come up with solutions that address industry challenges. One of the problems plaguing marketers is consumer dissonance with the irrelevant and untargeted marketing of brands, services and products.

Xploree is an award-winning contextual discovery platform that enables consumers to reach out to content, services in 1-hop from any app with a high degree of intent match. It is industry’s first user-initiated, multilingual keyboard technology that understands user intent with every use and displays relevant deals, discounts and offers from brands in the mobile moment. Xploree offers cross- app reach to users who can view the discoveries without exiting the conversation app. It presents an immense opportunity for consumers & brand marketers to engage with each other non-intrusively especially during chat ‘idle time’ or  the “mobile interlude”.

What is ‘Mobile Interlude’?

Mobile interlude is the short waiting time during a chat conversation when one person waits for the other to respond. During this brief moment, Xploree presents a window of opportunity for brands/services/content providers to connect with the users in their mobile moments. Xploree, has partnered with various brands such as Flipkart, Groupon, Snapdeal, Grabon, Yahoo etc. to deliver true discovery experience to mobile consumers. It is also pre-embedded as the keyboard on leading mobile devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as Panasonic, Coolpad to name a few.

Discover New

We will show a preview of the technology that powers this next generation mobile marketing solution whilst sharing testimonials from our brand partners. For instance, you will know how we helped brands cross engagement rates as high as 28% for certain categories. You will hear how numerous brands and marketers have found the apt solution to relevant, targeted and contextual mobile marketing that has helped achieve revenue targets.

Got a problem. We have the solution. Pre-book a meeting slot with us at Adtech or alternatively drop by Booth No43 C at the event. Be prepared to discover the unexpected.



Keyboard as the next disruption in Discovery on Mobile

Users are constantly interfacing with their mobile devices to share, socialize, consume and create content, avail services etc. Facebook and Whatsapp stand out as as the most popular apps based on user base. But the two other engagement touchpoints that see a high engagement –are Call and Keyboard. However, from the mechanical clicks to soft touch and touchscreens, the most widely used input device has not seen outstanding changes in the last few decades. Not many existing keyboards are recognizing its importance as an effective platform to build innovative consumer experiences.

In the world of keyboards, users have a lot of choices. But the ones that will see more user love in the coming months and years will be the ones that have the capability to bring simplicity to content and service discoveries. Predictive and intent-based targeting mechanism to deliver relevant information to consumers on their mobile devices at that single point of intent is the game-changing disruption that is not present in most of existing keyboards available on Android or iOS.

Keyboards are doing all kind of key things like autocorrect, themes, word prediction, multiple languages and emojis but there is hardly any competition when it comes to going beyond the expected and giving mobile users content and services discoveries that delight them in their exact moment of need.

Xploree is focused on empowering the consumers to decide when they want to interact with a discovery. The entire discovery experience is user-initiated that’s based on the principle of respecting user preferences on mobile. Of all the predictions on mobile user experience and engagement, Xploree stands out as an innovative and intelligent keyboard.

Xploree’s strong point is also that it allows the user to be in control, granting a more enjoyable and a satisfactory consumer experience through nonintrusive, non-interruptive, relevant content recommendations.

Noticeable amongst the partnerships is Xploree’s search tie up with Yahoo. The partnership offers users search and browsing of information in one tap across apps without exiting the conversation application. With 15% of app interactions on mobile devices being with a clear intent to search per Xploree’s user study, the integration has the potential to enable hyper-contextual search across apps on mobile to enhance the overall app experience.

Xploree Benefits to Mobile Users:

  • Experience useful search and discovery without exiting the app, and remain in control of the recommendations.
  • Non-intrusive, non-interruptive, user-initiated interactions.
  • Xploree delivers a seamless user-experience across apps including mobile search, mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile commerce, and mobile app stores.
  • Strict privacy controls, opt-in, opt-out features, quick opt-outs (such as incognito mode on browsers).
  • Multi-lingual keyboard supporting vernacular languages such as Hindi, Telugu and transliterated languages such as Hinglish

Xploree Keyboard brings in simplicity and insight to delight the users in their mobile moments whether the intent is to find a pizza place in the next minute or book air tickets for this weekend.

Xploree users are enjoying streamlined experiences of finding relevant content or services without leaving the task they are engaged in.
Try it out here: bit.ly/Xploree , and let us know what you think.

The article was originally published http://jatinisrani.blogspot.in/2015/11/xploree-next-generation-intelligence.html


Best of the Mobile World: Easier App Discovery and Stronger User Engagement with Xploree

“App discovery, user engagement, user retention! There’s a lot I have to worry about when I launch my app and thereafter.” ~ App developers

“Millions of apps everywhere, how do I find the ones most relevant to me?” ~ Mobile users

Congratulations! You just got your app live on the app store! What’s next?

  • If you are not ranking high enough on app ranking metrics, chances are you will not be featured in the list when users search for related categories to which your app is associated.
  • Not much user engagement, the possibilities are you’ll be voted down as compared to those apps in your category that have more. “How do I get engagement when my app cannot even be discovered?” Good point.
  • 1 in 4 users are finding apps through search engines or search on play stores. But is that the best way to find what is out there? Maybe not.

With more than 1 billion apps lining up on Android and iOS platforms, users don’t recall or have easy access to new apps and services that are available on the mobile or the web. In an overcrowded app market, cutting through the noise, and winning user attention has never been more difficult. Obviously there is a huge need for a better way for users to discover new apps and engage with existing ones.

According to a report by Google, the average app user has 36 apps installed on his or her smartphone. That’s a pretty small number compared to the number of apps released every day, but how are even these being discovered? As we know from a Google report, most of these apps are discovered outside the app store.


Businesses and brands are spending millions on app installs and user engagement. Developers are struggling to stand out in the competition. Every day there are scores of new apps fighting for attention on the play stores. App discoverability is a major pain point for developers who are struggling to rise above the noise and let users discover and engage with their apps. The problem is evident: it’s not easy to be found and it’s going to get more difficult from hereon.

The need can be addressed not by better advertising or promotions, but through reaching out to the users in context and in their ‘mobile moment’, that single point of discoverability where the user’s intent is matched to the information that’s most relevant to him/her. Stand out and be found or be left out. Here’s how Xploree Search and Discovery platform can help.

How Xploree is positioned to enable app discovery, retention and engagement

Discovery in many ways, rules over search since it lets the users find what they have not even searched for. In the mobile world, it’s very apt to say that Discovery is faster than search. Discovery is one of the most relevant aspects in connecting information and services to users and with Xploree Search and Discovery Platform, users now have access to a non-intrusive, hyper-contextual mobile application that’s recommending the right services, content, app info and brand connect in the most relevant context.

Xploree is best positioned to enable app discovery, and app engagement and clearly addresses the problems mentioned above. With the ability to present deep links publishers can get better app installs and app engagement rates as compared to discovery through search engines.

What’s important and relevant is when you are able to reach out to the users in that single moment of intent when the user wants to book for a ticket, find a cab or is in a casual conversation with a friend and discovers the service or an app that helps him/her complete the immediate action or intent.

Brent Ladarola, Frost & Sullivan’s vice president of Mobile & Wireless Research, explains, “If a mobile user is using a messaging app to discuss a product relevant to an e-commerce app provider, s/he could be presented with recommendations that lead to the provider’s App Store page, or a deep link that requires just one click for app download. As this can be done while the user is still on the messaging app, the solution significantly enhances the marketer’s brand engagement opportunity.”

Xploree recommends instant information, enables apps and services discovery during user conversations on any messaging app.

Mobile is all about these moments when a need is fulfilled in that single moment of intent. Xploree is creating powerful mobile moment opportunities with user intent and context driven approach to mobile search and discovery. Begin on your path to discovery with Xploree – Discover Now!

Xploree is available in India on Google Play. Get it here.

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The Future of Mobile Search and Discovery

Traditional search models that have worked well for desktop environments are not well-suited for the on-the-go mobile users. Mobile search and discovery is seeing a fast paced evolution with availability of vast amount of user data including social network conversations, preset or future locations, past actions or current searches. But is this sufficient? Mobile discovery services that can recommendations to users on what they intend to do rather than what they have done in past is the game changer.

Over 60% of smartphone consumers are accessing local information such as business directories, maps, local restaurants, movies information etc. Although many location-based technologies are making it easier for marketers and retailers to reach consumers in a target area, location is just a part of the complete context.

“These apps and devices are only scratching the surface. Currently, all of them require at least some user intervention or prompting. Eventually, we’ll see smarter applications that can infer more about a user, digging deeper into their interests and preferences and learning from mistakes. For instance, apps could know without explicitly asking, where a user works and lives and what their regular schedule entails, and when they might need a break–almost reading one’s mind.” Says Prima Dona, VP Product Innovation at KeyPoint Technologies, on iSPIRT.in

The future of mobile search and discovery lies with intelligent hyper-context and intent driven technologies. Proactive engagement based on users context and intent is where we see the innovation phase finally moving forward in mobile search and discovery. According to Gartner Inc., “context-aware technologies will affect $96 billion of annual consumer spending worldwide by 2015.”


User Intent Trumps Context

There’s been a new meaning to relevance with mobile in the picture. Mobile search and discovery is more intent driven than what was on the desktop. The environment and location is on a constant change. There’s a need for immediacy and higher relevancy as compared to a desktop search.

However, location, time, past actions and behaviour do not always predict the intent of a user. One of the most important variable that’s missing here is intent which varies with situation and environment. Intent driven technologies enable a more relevant user experience and mobile marketing campaigns must leverage intent-based intelligent solutions that increase brand favorability and perception.

A report from analysts at Juniper Research reveals that by 2018, the total advertising spend on mobile search & discovery will reach $16.8 billion, up from an estimated $6.4 billion in 2013.


Xploree – the Latest Innovation in Intent Driven Search and Discovery

“New opportunities lie in creating a predictive pattern to respond to a user’s need in real-time by offering relevant recommendations through need anticipation.” Prima adds.

With the intent to reach the right users at the right time with the most relevant information with an added delight element of giving them full control to access information when they want, Xploree is creating powerful mobile moment opportunities with user intent and context driven approach to mobile search and discovery.

This would mean:

  • A user on a mobile phone has an intent to book a taxi in the next hour or so, the intent arises during a conversation on a messaging app with a friend. He has instant access to contextual recommendations on booking a taxi at that very moment without launching a browser to search for one.
  • A conversation with a friend leads you to making plans for dinner and movie this evening, the recommendations are visible to you based on your intent, leading to a faster decision in the moment of need.

And many other such intent driven services and offers are accessible to Xploree users which provides a single unified, cross-app platform that’s empowering a stronger brand consumer connect on mobile. Mobile marketing is a successful only when it is able to provide a positive customer experience, gains their trust and builds loyalty in the long run. All this is possible only when we can deliver highly relevant content and offers in real-time based on user preferences and intent.

The era of mobile search and discovery enters a new phase where launching apps or browsers to search for information is soon to be history. Catering to the time-crunched and context expectations of mobile consumers, one hop, one tap, buy now buttons are changing the retail landscape of the future. In the near future we’ll hear more about how intent driven applications are transforming user experiences, excited that we are leading the trends! But as the cliché goes – the future is already here.

Xploree is available in India on Google Play. Get it here.


Unmatched Opportunity of Engaging Mobile Users during the ‘Mobile Interlude’

Image source: Rise of the Messaging Apps @XploreeMoments

Heads down, fingers tapping fast on the keyboard, it’s quite evident from what we see around us; messaging apps are no doubt the favorite of most mobile users. Of the one hour per day people spend on their smartphones, more than half of that time is spent in communicating in one way or the other: talking (26%), texting (20%), and emailing (9%). (Source: Experian)

Facebook and WhatsApp are leading the engagement time around the world. These applications are doing well in leveraging this high involvement with targeted advertising on their platforms. ‘Facebook reported earnings of 17.5% of the overall ad revenues, which is in line with their share of time spent on mobile’. (Source: @FlurryMobile). With strong engagement times behind them, messaging apps have a brilliant future to be a platform in themselves. Can brands and businesses reach these millions of users in a non-intrusive and rewarding way?

Unmatched Mobile Interlude Advantage with Xploree

Conversations on mobile often result in short bursts of “wait period” where you are waiting for the other person to respond to your conversation. This is an unexplored opportunity which Xploree has pioneered to present an option to the user to discover relevant services or promotions in a very non-intrusive way. Awareness, Engagement and Rewards in the ‘Mobile Interlude’ – these are few of the value propositions that Xploree Search and Discovery platform brings to the mobile landscape this year.

Imagine a conversation between two users discussing or deliberating on a meeting place. Say for example, Sally is chatting with Harry and wants to meet for coffee at a place somewhere around their workplaces, but not sure where. However, during the chat session she encounters a usual scenario where the other person gets occupied in some other tasks delaying a reply or perhaps gets interrupted by another conversation or call delaying the response to the other. This moment is what we call the mobile interlude.

Here is an “idle moment” opportunity for Sally to discover in context. What aids in this discovery is the Xploree Presto Key glow. If the conversation had been around “coffee” or “meeting at a nearby place”, the Xploree Presto Key glows unobtrusively with recommendations of coffee shops nearby, deals from nearby restaurants or locally loved hang-out places.

So, by the time Harry gets back to the chat, Sally has used this opportunity to know about nearby places (awareness) to meet and drive a faster decision without them having to go through the conversation again (conversion).


There are mobile moments:

mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context. ~ Forrester Research

And there are ‘mobile interludes’:

Few moments of idle-time where a user waits for the other to interact or continue a discussion. ~ @XploreeMoments

There’s a huge opportunity to leverage these ‘mobile interludes’ to engage, inform, recommend and reward, thereby increasing engagement and delighting the user.

The two unmatched values that Xploree brings to this mobile moment discovery or you may call it mobile interlude discovery:

  1. User stays within the messaging apps and does not lose context
  2. User discovers content or services that match user’s intent and location
Twitter Mobile Search – An Opportunity in ‘Search-Interlude’

A recent addition we have seen being implemented by Twitter on its mobile app. Earlier, on tapping the search icon only the search field would show up with rest of the space blank. Identifying this as a valuable space to let users discover trending hashtags and tweets, now we see a complete scrollable area for the user to discover the top trending tweets which would have been otherwise overlooked.

There’s delight in discovery and the delight is even more pleasant when you have these idle moments which suddenly became exciting! It’s time retailers, brands and businesses embrace an incredible opportunity to increase brand awareness and reach a new customer base that was not reachable before.

Contact us to know how we can increase relevance and engagement for your mobile users.


Delivering a Positive Mobile Experience that’s User-Friendly and User-Initiated

Mobile marketing can be hugely powerful and positive if it offers value to consumer experiences and their path to purchase.

But, when marketers employs annoying techniques users feel irritated. It’s critical to understand consumers’ likes and preferences as they access information, entertainment and commerce on their mobile devices. Though there is an expectation for relevant and personalized information discovery on mobile, there are times when users are not so happy about brands and personalized messages following them where they go.

A November 2014 study conducted by Redshift Research for Teradata and Celebrus Technologies reported a strong dislike for personalized brand messages, offers and updates on digital media. 42-51% of those surveyed said that they don’t like when ads follow them around the web. And 35-42% want to find information for themselves. (Source: eMarketer)

Mobile marketing is about engaging customers through positive interactions that increases likability and loyalty in the long run. Understanding consumers’ likes and dislikes can strengthen this relationship and encourage a stronger brand-consumer connect.

Here’s what users want most from their mobile experiences apart from relevance and context:

No Intrusion

Not-relevant-messagingConsumers want to avoid invasive marketing messages and do not want to be interrupted during their activities on a mobile device. Without consideration for consumer preferences, mobile marketing or advertising messaging will be rejected by the users.

A 2014 report on Chinese mobile users by PWC says “52% users associated mobile advertising as an invasion into personal space citing “too intrusive to my lifestyle” and “crossing the line into my personal space”.


More Control

access-information-mobileMobile devices are personal devices where users expect content to be tailored to their interest and what’s more they want more control on how and when to access information.

According to Salesforce/MarketingCloud Mobile Behavior Report 2014, 91% of consumers say access to content any way they want is important to them.

The future of successful mobile interactions is most definitely non-intrusive and more user-initiated. And users are glad to access-information-mobile know that there are better options out there that’s letting them discover relevant content, services and awesome deals as and when they want. And the brands can connect with consumers in a positive and hyper-contextual way.

Get to know – Xploree!


Xploree – Non-Intrusive, User-Initiated Search and Discovery Platform

With Xploree Search and Discovery platform, brands and services have a unique and likable way to connect with users. Xploree has the ability to reach consumers across all apps, across social media, chat messengers, m-commerce, search etc. With an opportunity to provide millions of mobile users with what they need, we are enabling relevant and faster brand-user connectivity in the mobile moment. Xploree recommends the right content, at the right time to the right users, without intrusion and/or disruption to user activities on their mobile devices. The emphasis is on providing the user a delightful and positive user experience to discover content, service, offers or premium deals even before they search for them.

We wish our users many many #HappyMobileMoments!

Get Xploree on Google Play Store (Currently available in India)

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Xploree Search and Discovery – a Finalist at InTech50 2015!

2014 was an incredibly favourable year for Indian startups in regards to venture capital funding and higher market valuations. The positive sentiment is driving phenomenal growth in the Indian entrepreneurial talent and innovation in technology, all set to pave the way for a smarter future for the world.

Sure, calls for celebrations, and we have our own very cool reason to celebrate this month. Excited to share that we have been selected by the renowned panel of InTech50 as one of the top 50 finalist among the leading Indian Startups at InTech50 2015! We are thrilled to be part of the amazing start-up entourage of Indian innovators and entrepreneurs this year and excited to showcase our innovation that we believe is the future of mobile search and discovery.

InTech50 is a forum where selected startups get an opportunity to present a pitch and interact with global CIOs. The event also presents an opportunity for start-ups to collaborate or partner with other companies which often helps accelerate their products or services to scale faster. Last year, InTech50 brought CIOs and technology leaders from all parts the world to Bangalore. This year’s event also promises to be an enlightening one with 25 CIOs from top global companies, 25 CIOs from India and 25 investors, angels and accelerators expected from across US and India.

Here’s what we bring to the event:

Xploree – Innovation for a Smarter Future

Mobile advertising and brand messaging is often ineffective, irrelevant and irritating to mobile users. Users don’t want to be interrupted, they want to be in control and want to be empowered by a positive user experience.


Understanding the disparity between the digital marketing models and consumer preferences, Xploree Search and Discovery platform (patent pending) is driving engagement through a 100% user-initiated, non-intrusive, search and discovery of brand offers, services and information in real-time on mobile devices.


Xploree is establishing a positive relationship between businesses and consumers with credibility, entertainment and incentives. Xploree offers a highly effective marketing model for brands and businesses through:

  • Brand Visibility and Awareness
  • Content and Services Discovery
  • App Discovery and Download
  • App Re-engagement

Xploree is powered by KeyPoint Technologies, an industry leader in innovative language technology offerings for mobile consumers that offers products in 120+ global languages including 30+ Indic languages. We present a tremendous opportunity for businesses looking for new customers who prefer to communicate in their local languages. Xploree has the distinct advantage of reaching out to a larger vernacular audience as compared to many other applications and platforms that are focused on English only marketing and content recommendation.

With a successful beta launch in the India test market, Xploree is looking forward to collaborations and launch in the US, MENA and SEA markets later this year. We recently received an incredible response at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and at Ad:Tech India in New Delhi; our nomination at InTech50 2015 is adding to our delight and celebrations this month!

We are looking forward to the event on April 15th and 16th at The Leela Palace, Bangalore. Our thanks to the iSPIRT team for organizing this opportunity to accelerate the Indian start-up scene and highlighting the new technologies that are ready to emblazon Indian technical excellence to the world.

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