Transcend Into The Magical World Of Self-Discoveries On Your Mobile

E-discoveries on the mobile have now leapfrogged to a whole new level of contextual awareness.

As kids, have you ever wondered how an empty hat suddenly brought out a rabbit? Or how did that ‘Ace of Spades’ magically appear in our pockets? That was our first taste of magic and it stayed with us all our life.

Practicing magic was an uphill task. Trial and error took up most of our time. For most kids today, the curiosity remains. However, as adults and with a bit more experience on our side, we know that they were simple sleight of hand tricks.

But, what if we told you that magic exists for real? What if we state that with the flick of a finger, all your wishes could come true? What if we say that the genie is real? What if your smartphone had the power to give you everything before you ask for it? You heard that right.

We all wish for a magic wand that made possible all that we thought was never possible.


Xploree is that magic wand with the power to give you all that you dreamt of owning. Wish to know how? Check it out:

A branded watch at an affordable price? Yes, it’s possible!

We all wish to own a trendy watch. But when our wallet comes out calling, all hell breaks loose. Why worry when you have the Xploree magic wand in your hand. Just think of a watch, type ‘Watch’ and get it!




Romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant?

We all dream of a nice candle light dinner in Taj or Oberoi. How about we told you that your dream of having dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants is about to come true? Well, that’s right. Just like a genie, Xploree gives you amazing discoveries on your favourite restaurants, so that every dinner is a beautiful one.


Now you too can own the latest smartphone

Every time there’s a new smart phone in the market, we wish to own it then and there. Technology can do that to you. Now all you have to say is ‘Abraca Dabra’ and Voila! A brand-new smartphone sits next to you. All this is possible only with Xploree’s amazing smartphone discoveries.




Give your daughter the ‘Princess Feeling’!

What is the best way to give your daughter the princess feeling? You gift her with new dresses and accessories. And how do you make all this happen? With this magic wand called Xploree, anything is possible.

Magic is all around us. All you have to do is pick up your phone and start having conversations.