Transforming Online Food Ordering With Xploree’s Thinking Keyboard

With Xploree, making sense of human expressions and creating a great user experience now comes easy.

What’s the one thing that bring Indians together – their passion for food. It is not just a necessity, but a part and parcel of Indian lifestyle that makes its population splurge on food. Indians are true cynosures and patrons of the culinary art, and their love for food is not just limited to social occasions.

Popular food ordering platforms are attracting Indian consumer in drones. It is this undying habit of experimenting with new food that’s driving new consumers to online ordering sites. Currently, India stand at a staggering USD 350 billion in this segment and is estimated to touch close to Rupees 42 lakh crore by 2020.

Getting discovered on Xploree is the ideal way to strike a conversation with mobile users

The scenario is almost chaotic, with many new startups joining the party every single day. The biggest ever challenge for these startups is to go from an attention driven approach to a more holistic one based on context. Considering the growing footprint of Indian customers who are ordering food using their mobile phones, digital spends have also hit the roof. It is therefore extremely important to understand when consumer interest piques the most to engage and drive mobile fulfillment.

While online orders can save around 15-20% for customers, it is not the only thing that drives them to these platforms. In many cases, the process that lands consumers in the transactional cycle starts consumers expressing their intent pretty early on – something online platforms can no longer ignore.

By responding to consumer impulses around food, India’s biggest food ordering platform is showing the way forward in this regard.

Here’s how the keyboard decodes human behavior:

  • Xploree understands what mobile consumers are trying to get at when they initiate a discussion around food and dining.
  • This genius keyboard knows if the mobile consumer is discussing about a special occasion that eventually translates to the probability of ordering food.
  • It pre-empts a trigger through visual cognition to tell the customer about the availability of a relevant option nearby.
  • Acting as a prompt, the intent driven icon depicts suggestions around food and dining.
  • The icon hints at nearby discoveries that get the user’s attention at the very moment an intent is expressed.
  • Brand recommendation is packaged as a discovery card and shown to the user.
  • Xploree is completely non-intrusive and shows up with suggestions only when the user taps on the Xploree mascot.

Of course, the urge to order food is largely driven by human impulse, but it is also important to note that most plans for going outdoors help listed restaurants in increasing footfalls.


It therefore becomes that much more important to decipher discussions around food related intents when conversations are at a planning stage. It could be a part of a WhatsApp group chat or brought up on any popular messenger app – Xploree can identify consumers planning for a movie, going out to watch an IPL match, discussing dinner, etc. The immersive keyboard opens up limitless new possibilities that can be fulfilled using its intent matching technology.

Let us take this sample case of a user chatting on the mobile – The user lets friends know about a new restaurant in town, time office is done with, the nearing weekend and the intent to catch up after work.

Xploree’s smart keyboard senses the need for a quick look at nearby restaurants and pubs offering discounts. This essentially improves brand recall and awareness of restaurants when users want to consider suggestions. With Xploree, users are already aware of the options available at their beck and call. Hence, users no longer have to make a concerted effort, quit the existing chat window and/or go to a different app.

In a way, Xploree embeds the restaurant aggregator app within the keyboard and lets mobile consumers know that they need not look elsewhere. All the recommendations that they ever wanted can now be glanced at, from this smart keyboard. Read More