Xploree Keyboard Simply Rocks With New Power Packed Features That Make Life Super Easy


The Xploree smart keyboard has come at a time when users are feeling increasingly cluttered within their mobile screens. The congestion is caused by new apps getting launched every day that are vying for consumer attention and space on the mobile.

But now, with advanced new features from Xploree, life is sorted! This keyboard has come full circle, from making Indic typing super easy to letting sentiment sensing icons talk back to users. Imagine a keyboard that goes beyond just typing to bring users closer to their dream, desires, and needs. This keyboard does just that by bringing users closer to products, brands and useful services by understanding context.

Mobile users have many reasons to rejoice as they can now look forward to the following:

Enjoy cricket on the go

All you cricket crazy folks are up for a big splash with the pre-match, live match and post-match analysis sitting pretty right on the keyboard and waiting for your tap to launch them.

It is going to change the way you follow the game. While doing all the million things on the mobile – while checking notifications, networking on social, chatting, browsing, searching and the works, won’t it be nice to know what’s buzzing around the cricket match that’s due?

Also, while the match is going on, won’t it will be really nice to know what’s happening on field?

Even, better…For all those who love to sit down even after the last ball has been bowled to check the expert opinion – get it all on the Xploree keyboard.

Shopping is a breeze with discoveries from Amazon

Online market space Amazon has emerged as the largest online store in India. Amazon.in was also listed as the most visited e-commerce site this year by comScore with 70 per cent of their traffic coming from mobiles.

No wonder, a significant chunk of shoppers now come from India. With discoveries now coming within the chat window, shoppers are spoilt for choice.

Restaurant discoveries can happen right from your keyboard

With the new updated Xploree, you can save offers and checkouts of your favourite restaurants from within the keyboard. These discoveries will be saved at your behest.

All that you got to do is – go to favourites to view Zomato cards and click on it.

Keep rocking with the most happening events in town

Xploree keyboard is the best app for painting the town red. With discoveries from Mera Events, let the keyboard show you the best places to catch live music, parties, talks, theater performances, recitals, rock shows and the works especially lined up for you.

Now, as you are chatting, all the information you ever needed comes within your preview and you don’t need to exit.

There is all this and a whole lot more that is cooking just for you and will soon be out on your smart keyboard. No sooner than your express a thought or desire, the keyboard will do the looking around. Go hassle free today.