Xploree Partners with Comedy Munch To Deliver Humor On The Keyboard!

Smartphone users can now watch exclusive comedy shows directly on their keyboard


World’s 1st AI powered keyboard- Xploree, has joined hands with India’s biggest stand-up comedy platform to delight users with curated comedy content on their mobile keyboard. This exclusive partnership will enable users to get direct access to comedy munch’s videos and can book comedians directly, through the Xploree mobile keyboard app.


The new age comedy platform’s association with the Xploree AI keyboard is a positive shift towards real time curated content discoveries, for users. Xploree, currently on 20M devices will help Comedy Munch, reach out to new users, in 49 Indic languages on the mobile keyboard; keen to discover bone tickling content.


Xploree AI Keyboard’s capability to understand and communicate in various Indic languages, with users, will enable Comedy Munch to reach out to an active wider audience for seamless delivery of localized comedy content.


Users can now enjoy top notch bone tickling entertainment effortlessly on their fingertips without having to switch multiple apps. Other content partners who have partnered with Xploree include- Hotstar, Republic TV, Daily Motion, Santa Banta, Mint, HT and many more.