What is Xploree?

Xploree is a user-initiated search and discovery platform. Xploree is also industry’s first pretargeting platform with language intelligence that delivers services, deals and offers to users in hyper-context and intent precision on multiple screens and multiple apps in real-time.

Xploree is a patent pending technology.

If you are an advertiser, publisher or operator contact us to know how millions of mobile users can connect with your brand or service through Xploree search and discovery platform.

What is a Mobile Moment?

According to Forrester Research:

“A mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.”

What are #XploreeMoments & #HappyMobileMoments?

Xploree aims to serve its users in their mobile moment, serving them with hyper-contextual information and services and helping them make better decisions in real-time. And while doing so we aim to delight our users.
Happy Mobile Moments (#HappyMobileMoments) are these events or stories that connect users to brands and services through a positive mobile user experience. We will soon start sharing some #HappyMobileMoments stories on our blog, stay tuned! Or better still, tell us about how Xploree delighted you in your moment of need, we’d love to hear from you at marketing@xploree.com

Latest information on Xploree will be shared on social media through the hashtag #XploreeMoments

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What makes Xploree stand-out in comparison to other mobile advertising platforms?

Xploree offers the guarantee of reaching the user with the right services and content at the point of user intent unlike location based and other keyword based ad-tech. Advertisers, publishers and developers can leverage Xploree’s guaranteed visibility across all apps like FaceBook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Flipkart. Amazon, PlayStore and other app stores etc.

What are the benefits for publishers and developers?

With Xploree, advertisers and publishers have the remarkable opportunity to display their services, offers or content to the right audience at the right time in their moment of need. Relevant and improved user experience enhances brand engagement and loyalty, which in turn increases click-through and desired conversions.

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How many languages are supported by Xploree?

Other than English, Xploree supports 23+ Indic languages including new age languages like Hinglish, Tanglish etc. We will be adding more languages in near future.

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Is Xploree available on only mobile phones?

Xploree supports mobile phones on S60, Windows Mobile and Android platforms as well as Android tablets.

Advertiser – Creating a new account?

Take advantage of launching your campaigns faster by talking to one of our campaign managers. Contact us at info@xploree.com with information about your campaign and contact numbers.

What is the criteria for acceptance to Xploree network?

Xploree reviews all submitted sites and businesses, we will review and send information on acceptance or otherwise within five business days of your request.

Compliance to our Terms and Conditions is required.

Users – How can I download Xploree?

Xploree is coming soon to the playstore. Be the first to know, join in our mailing list today!