Smart is the new cool!

Smart is the new cool! When someone says the word ‘friends’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Thought about it? Think some more. Yup, it’s checking your phone to see some messages from them, right? We may not admit it, but we all curiously keep an eye on what our friends are…

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Why You Must Have Xploree On Your Smartphone?

A Keyboard that thinks for a change!   It is undoubtedly the best time ever for chat happy, talkative folks, who are hooked on to their mobiles and love to be in the thick of action on their favorite messenger apps. This brings us back to the mobile keyboard we so naturally depend upon to…

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Xploring is now easy with the Xploree smart keyboard

Planning to Xplore India? Here’s What You Must Do   Icy mountains, lush green landscapes, vast deserts, iconic monuments – India has it all. It’s a country rich in its diversity. Apart from the popular tourist places, there are a number of lesser-known beautiful sites, too. India’s widespread cultural magnificence and scenic beauty are what…

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This #WorldPeaceDay, find peace on Xploree!

We always start the day with the hope of getting through our daily chores smoother than knife cuts through butter. But by mid-day, there is this inkling feeling telling us to get away from the madness of tasks that seek our attention. Sometimes we just want to draw a blank and do away from everything…

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Xploree’s Intent Driven Technology Powering Consumer Experience On Mobile

Mobile experience for Xploree means going beyond the arc and solving real consumer problems Looking back at the Rio Olympics, a strong sense of ‘Mobile First’ has emerged that brings the focus back to mobile search. It’s a fairly new chat phrase that’s doing the rounds of tech circles after the much talked about ‘Big…

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Runners Couldn’t Ask For More: Xploree @ Hyderabad Marathon 2016

Smart keyboard initiative for the Hyderabad Marathon 2016   Held on the 28th of August, the Hyderabad marathon witnessed a unique keyboard driven digital campaign in its 2016 chapter. The campaign was launched in association with Xploree being named as the official smart keyboard partner for this event. Through Xploree, runners were able to get…

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Intenticons By Xploree: Introducing A Right Mix Of Images That Capture Human Imagination On The Mobile

Intent + Icons = Intenticons By Xploree   In spite of growth in app downloads and installations, mobile users in India are known to spend a significant amount of time on chat. Users typically rely on chat messengers for drawing suggestions, seeking guidance, and for conversing in general. Native Indian mobile users are also known…

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Xploree To Participate In AdTech

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016

Xploree To Participate in Ad:tech New Delhi – 2016 Xploree is back at AdTech, New Delhi – the largest digital marketing event of the year scheduled for 3rdand 4th March 2016. About Ad:tech New Delhi 2016: Ad: tech is a global digital marketing conference and exhibition where marketing, technology and media punters converge to forge partnerships…

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Xploree Keyboard - New Features

Delighting Xploree Keyboard Users with New Smart Features

KPT on an extended mission of empowering mobile users with Innovative consumer experiences and engagement has come up with a new release of Xploree keyboard. Based on regular interaction and feedback from our users we have explored some new aesthetic and tech savvy features to be included in our keyboard. Due to ever changing consumer…

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Keyboard as the next disruption in Discovery on Mobile

Users are constantly interfacing with their mobile devices to share, socialize, consume and create content, avail services etc. Facebook and Whatsapp stand out as as the most popular apps based on user base. But the two other engagement touchpoints that see a high engagement –are Call and Keyboard. However, from the mechanical clicks to soft touch and touchscreens,…

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